Each team is allowed to submit the results of at most five runs. We will evaluate all the runs submitted and select the one with best result as the primary run of the submission, which will be measured for performance comparison across teams. All entries will be requested to submit a log file (.txt, .csv) describing the result on testing set, where in each line containing an image name followed by the predicted label of micro-expression. It looks as follows: <image name 1>, predicted label <image name 2>, predicted label Also, for the purpose of result verification and reproducibility, each submission needs to contain all source code and a script that can run on our environment.


We provide both Baidu Cloud and Google Cloud registration file download links (download one according to your convenience). Please fill in and send back to Baidu Cloud: Baidu links (password:vroe) Google Cloud: Google links We have updated the required registration steps by sending an email, please check your email, if you have any questions please contact us. (2020/05/08)